The Musick of Blinn

Hi guys here is some music!
None of it is tagged and I'm way too lazy to go back and do so but if you like it or dislike it or wanna make fun of my composition email "kingblinn @" without spaces (or quotes if you're that dumb :).

First things first, my most accomplished real song:
Homesick: it's pretty nice I really advise you listen to it. I wrote it and am playing drums & guitar (some)

SINUSOID (previously Sinister)
Foil: drum n bass / ambient breakbeat song which I dig. do u dig?
8 Missed Calls: trance/house i don't know, all you need to know is it's one of my favourites

This is all synth stuff I wrote myself, some is good, some is bad:
Awesome.mp3: old song in FL with a nice sax
Piano Quintet: an as yet unnamed piano quintet but it's really rather lovely imo
Jazzy & Cool Two: if you liked jazzy & cool 1 this will blow your tiny mind
Mike4.mp3: esoteric humour with my buddy Mike (paul). try mike2.mp3 and mike3.mp3 you can type that out yourself though they're not as good as mike4
Standstill: nice little electroballad hrm that probably isn't a real word
Cloudburst: some live guitar recordings- u no
Experiments: a delicious tabla in this piece
Solo/orch: the guitar tone in this SUCKS i'm so sorry but the backing's pretty good
Layerpiano: i like this one i must say I like this one- some reversing sounds good
Einherjar: word up jeeves this may not stay up forever but I really like it "einherjar"
Wall of the Moon: a down tempo re-arrangement of "awesome.mp3". Spent a lot of time EQing and mixing this one so hopefully you all like it too!

acoustic cover of 'my hompy'
four part harmony of 'my hompy'

These kinda suck and aren't done but for the completionist blinn fan:
i don't know; some cool thing in G
i was gonna be witty and write this out in rot13 but i'm way too lazy
a cool piano riff and that's it.. I don't even know

stay safe stay well just chill out bro :)